Write-in vote request

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  1. Symona says:

    Laura – a “mobile lending library of femriist/empowening books”? That sounds amazing. We have a great feminist bookstore here in Atlanta called Charis Books that is a constant source of inspiration. Good luck with your plans, and thanks for taking the time to comment!

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  3. Thanks for this. My Mom is still OK, but she thinks a lot about heaven these days & I enjoy her softened personality more than I ever have. Knowing we are mortal keeps us humble as we should be. Right now our 16 1/2 year old Norwegian Elkhound is declining and I feel sad; he has been a faithful friend & so beautiful.

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  8. I’m not a TAST participant, but I do stop by and see what’s up. I’m always amazed to see the different directions a single stitch can take with all the stitchers. I’ve seen (OK, I bought) a double eye needle. The catalogs showed it next to something similar to this stitch. Is that needle’s purpose to make this stitch easier somehow? I’ve never tried the needle yet, so I’m just wondering if it’s a solution in search of a problem or if it does magical things.

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  10. iron man says:

    Sally, I’m glad it worked for you! And really, any time someone can learn from my mistakes, rather than making them…well, that’s my goal!Lacey, anytime!

  11. Cara ragazze….gli effetti positivi del siero si vedono già!!Al mattino ho una pella radiosa, piacevolmente morbida e idratata inoltre, le piccole macchie scure sembrano attenuarsi…pensare che sono solo al 6 giorno di prova!:)

  12. That is totally gorgeous! Loving the photos and I do love your writing style. Am I allowed to say that your dress looks way better than the original MTL? *gets struck down by fashion lightning* Oh, apparently not…. *fizzle*

  13. Your patchwork is sensational Vix, and you sure do have a collection of vintage fabrics on you! I can relate to the vintage fabric whore/hoarder thang – oh yes I can ;-)LOVE IT!!!

  14. feature request: format file (currently doesn’t do anything). It should indent the file according to syntax. Visual D and others support it.note that the existing indent functionality isn’t very useful: it adds indentation regardless of syntax.

  15. now you certainly got my attention with that smoothie….I love watermelon!!! and I just got a new blender..I have yogurt….I think its a plan! thanks so much for the inspiration!!

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  17. Good for you! I confess I generally find it easier to subtract than add to stories once finished, but either way it takes about twenty minutes to get into the flow [which is always when the phone/doorbell/oven pinger goes!].RYC below: And if you’ve ever put your outward stuff inside the return envelope by mistake [ahem – yes, I have] then you’ll surely know the full meaning of ‘getting your own back…’

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  19. nel tentativo di tradurre "era geologica" uscì un triste "she was geologic".AH AH AH! Incredibile!Søren Kierkegaard? Ecco: ˈsœːɐn ˈkÊ°iɐ̯kəˌɡ̊É’Ë€Ah, beh, allora…Aggiungo: una mia alunna con la madre russa (nel senso che era di Mosca: visto l'argomento, meglio precisare) mi diceva che Mendeleev, quello della tavola periodica, si pronuncia Mendeleìv

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  21. That’s it I am coming to your room too!! I-want-to-go-to-there! All those books and pretty colors… Alright I just made myself sound a tad bit strange. Oh, well I am a bit of a nutter! Beautiful room. All the kids pile up in my bed too around here. I think parents beds are WAY better than kids beds, and the room always seem like an awesome fairy tale or something. You had me laughing throughout this post. It was much needed thank you!

  22. Soul Eater stops being goofy around season 3. The funniest thing after that is the weird “An apple!” thing. From there on, it’s action-y and creepy. Still good though.

  23. Sab ma cop t’es sur tous les fronts à ce que je vois …En revanche les cheveux gras des fois c’est pas de ma faute, et pour ce qui est de se négliger, ben euh, on a tous le droit à des périodes de jachère contrôlée moi je dis.Je ne retiens rien, parce que j’ai une vraie mémoire de poisson rouge, mais vous pouvez me retenir si vous voulez…

  24. è vero! Io che l’ho amato e quelli come me non siamo il web,però non credo (anzi,spero di no) che tra un mese non ci siano ancora molti tweet a riguardo! Vabbè…io però non intendevo molto in questo senso,tweet e messaggi di stato,intendevo più il dolore di un lutto generale ecco! Un dolore ancora per tutti quelli come me che lo hanno (e lo ammirano) tutt’ora!!!

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  28. Gott med scones, det brukar jag också baka Jag gillar inte heller söndagar, men jag gillar dem mer nu än vad jag gjorde förut.

  29. Estimados amigos;Gracias por seguir el hilo.- El idioma ó cualquier otra cuestion, es secundario respecto a la consciencia y el entendimiento. Toda ésta conversacion es mera disculpa, pero…La situacion, a mi modo de ver, requiere un profundo entendimiento, y el contacto directo entre todos nosotros, listos ante los eventos, que ya están… que ya vienen…Evaluar ésto es la cuestión.

  30. I wonder if those women like to be given a womynu after they are seated in a restaurant.I also wonder if American women appreciate the Nineteenth Awomyndwomynt to the United States Constitution.

  31. Flott Randi, da har vi som må være hjemme og måke snø og fyre i ovnen noe å se frem til. Dine bilder og beskrivelser gjør at en er på nettet og sjekker mulighet for plass. Hils kjente og NYT ferien.Ole

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  39. he wanted to send a shout out to all of his followers who weren’t buying into the rumors that were being purported by William McCray. Then he said ‘I don’t do drama.’ I paraphrased the tweet. He then used the hash tag ‘character attacker.’ I don’t follow Earnest Pugh. I got the tweet through a retweet.

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  41. The MUD needs to change it’s name to MUN. Mesa de la Unidad Nacional to emphasize that its aim is to represent the unity of all Venezuelans. No more us & them. It could also be MUV.

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  43. Christa, I’m literally going to cry. I’m blown away by the results and I was there while you were shooting!! This is bare bones beauty…I thought I was inspired before, but this takes it to a whole new level. Exquisite work, my friend. xo

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  49. I’m not black, and I immediately thought of Ron Brown and Paul Wellstone. We don’t need that happening.Between the lack of shoulder room and bad food, I hate flying in those metal tubes.

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    These photos represent the totality of all photos submitted by attendees. A selection from these will be added to the Reunion Gallery in the main Photo Section (See top Menu Bar). Hopefully that will be sufficient. If not, we can look at adding captions to these as well.

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  67. Lu HI Ryan,I enjoyed your ABC show at McNally’s in St. Charles Illinois. It was a GREAT Mothers day. So, I am going to the LA show on December 5 and now we are hoping for an ABC show in or near LA on the 6th or 7th. Hope it works out because it will be a HUGE Success! Looking forward to Chicago first then on to Southern California!

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  69. This is just where we’ll have to agree to disagree. But then again, I’m a kooky anarchist haha. I believe that a bad law deserves to be broken just on principle. Thanks again. You’ve been the only dissenting opinion so far and I always appreciate disagreement and discussion.

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  85. Bernadine – your words bless my heart! Thank you!!!Rebecca – and thank you for your encouragement sweetie!Laura Lee – Amen and Amen on fellowship. Thank you for your prayers and your warm words. You have mine as well. I pray God's blessings and favor over you and the ladies in the upcoming retreat next year.Wanda – Oh yes…the nagging questions about why and what happened.Love and blessings to you all!!

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  116. that's a good one – "thinking out of box" to "tunnel vision".it was made worse as most people expected the building to be saved, by SMU at least. the greatest joke was that they renovated the library just a few years before …

  117. Very good article. I like the break down into different realms. “Our remedies oft in ourselves do lieWhich we ascribe to heaven.”~William Shakespeare, All’s Well That Ends Well“The power that made the body heals the body.”

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  119. Laila: Det var godt Ã¥ høre fra noen her som har utelukkende gode erfaringer med BV og høyere aldersramme, den balansen trengtes. Tror du det hjalp at dere har en tolvÃ¥ring fra før? AltsÃ¥ at dere kunne legge godt med vekt bak ønsket deres, og at BV evt tilla dere mer erfaring for ønsket? Du skriver nydelig om Ã¥ fÃ¥ en sjuÃ¥ring, jeg sitter med gÃ¥sehud her nÃ¥. Selvfølgelig er det sÃ¥nn! Takk for kommentaren. 🙂

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